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The 5 step method to playing any song.
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How to play your favourite songs quickly even as a beginner. 
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The four pillars to learning piano without sheet music or figuring it all out yourself.

* Warning!* This is not just a piano class but a MASTERCLASS that tells you EVERYTHING you need to start playing YOUR favourite songs today!


"I really enjoyed this free training. I was able to master one song (not a super hard one) using the technique."
Rosa Sandman

"Brilliant!! The steps were broken down well and were presented in a very clear way. I actually learnt a lot about chords even though I thought I knew them before. (I’ve never officially learnt piano, although I’ve been playing for a few years on my own.)"
Shaindy Gottheil 

"This free masterclass opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities on playing piano. I wish I would have had this years ago!"
Meytal Heller

Presented By
Brocha Kahan
Piano teacher

Having had over 8 years of experience as a piano teacher, Brocha is passionate about making piano playing fun.
 With her clear teaching style, warm personality and innovative approach you're bound to have a good time!

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