20 Hit Jewish Songs Songbook
The Jewish songbook you've been waiting for! Finally a songbook filled with your favourite songs with both the right hand melody and left hand chords!

*please note: this is currently only available as an ebook and not as a hard copy. Images for illustration purposes only.

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Is this you?
You know so many beautiful Jewish songs that you would love to play, but can't find the music online? 

Or they are written in complicated sheet music that will take forever to learn?
Not anymore. 
This songbook was made for you. The music lover who dreams of playing their favourite songs on the piano without spending hours figuring out the notes. 
Ordered from easy songs to harder so you naturally progress WHILE playing songs you love.
Easy to play right hand melody so you can play the song without having to figure it all out by ear.
Simple yet beautiful left hand chords to take it from the basic tune to a full piano piece with both hands.
Song lyrics on each line so you can follow along easily. No second guessing where you are up to!
This songbook was written with simple letters and chords so you start playing all your favourite songs TODAY.

Because the sooner you start actually playing, the faster you start sounding good and LOVING playing piano. And that's what it's ALL about, right?

And for a limited time only you can get it plus a BONUS explainer guide.*First 50 people only*

Imagine this!
It's the family's Chanukah party...
And you're the one playing the chanukah songs on the piano or keyboard


You sit down after a long day at school or work and are able to play your favourite songs without trying to decipher complicated sheet music


Your kid who's always trying to pick a tune and constantly asking for lessons is finally able to musically express themselves 

This songbook makes all that possible!

Here's how it works...

Including a black and white printable version

And explainer guide  * Available for a Limited Time Only*

Now it's your turn to play.

My students have loved playing these songs and using this method. They are always so surprised at how quickly they can pick them up and YOU will be too!

"Gav loves playing these songs and is so proud of  himself that he can play such great songs so quickly.
Brochi P
Can I use this for keyboard?
Yes! This is perfect for keyboard as well as piano!

What age is it for?
This is most suitable for ages 10 plus but can be used from about 7 with support.

I'm in Piano Accelerator, is this book included?
This is the perfect book for the piano accelerator student. Using your skills you've learnt in Piano Accelerator you will be able to play these songs beautifully! This does not come with the course and needs to be purchased separately, unless you 
are in the 1-1 VIP program.

What songs are in it?
This songbook has a mixture of new, popular songs and also classics Jewish songs that everyone should have in their piano "toolbox."

How will I know how to use it?
There will be a guide showing how to use it in the front of the book and there is also an option of a mini course which goes through it as well. This is available to purchase with the book.

Is this meant for beginners?
This is a great book for beginners as it has easy songs but if you don't know anything then getting the support videos available to purchase with the book will help you get started.

Can I buy in USD or another currency?
Yes! You just pay as normal and it will automatically take it out in your currency. 

it's time to make your piano dreams a reality!
FAQ:Can I buy in USD or another currency?
Yes! You just pay as normal and it will automatically take it out in your currency. 
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